Our Project

In a few words

We want to create a new kind of tourism. Tourism on a human scale, respectful of oneself, of each other, and of the environment. Quite the opposite of the tourist- processing industries, jammed transports and unending delays, a tourism where quiet, relaxation and rest prevail.

Respect of the environnement

No sustainable development can neglect the environment. We set this respect foremost in our priorities as we want to be today a testbed for tomorrow's technologies.

A natural location

It is in contact with nature that we can best recover from the tensions of our hyperactive lives. It would be mindboggling to build our destination next to a factory, airport or any other site which did not respect the same principles.
An island offers a virgin location, its relative distance prevents unwanted curiosity, and ensures a totally relaxing holiday.


The infrastructures will be build using local materials, respecting the aesthetics of the site. The geological and meteorological risks will ba taken into account to ensure the safety of our guests and employees. We will reduce the impact on flora and fauna to the strictest possible minimum.

Natural materials

Wherever possible we will prefer natural materials in the construction and equipment of our site.

Renewable energy

Respecting the spirit of our project we will use exclusively renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, tides, hydroelectricity, geothermal etc. The technical equipement will be integrated into the construction to render them as discreet as possible.

We wish to drive the innovation in research on using renewable energies, the innovations which we will develop will be made available to interested parties to promote a responsible approach of our future.

We will team up with research labs and industries which take at heart the environemental issues to allow practical applications of prototypes, evaluation of their application in a real-world situation, and their improvement to let them become as competitive and affordable as possible.

Eventually, event our transport means will be converted to renewable energies.

Respect of the human being

Guests and employees alike are above all human beings. Politeness, availability, excellence of service are foremost and expected from all, including our guests.

Tourism redefined in affordable terms

Holidays should not be a nightmare to your bank account. We envision a wide range of housing affordable to all:


Common showers and restrooms, access to a laundromat, kitchen, refrigerator and freezer.


Each room has a double bed, common showers and restrooms. For a minimal price, a simple and pleasant dwelling. The same services are available as camping, no need to put up your tent and you have a roof and a real bed!

Middle-class Hotel

Each nicely decorated room has a double bed and private restroom with shower. Our laundry service allows you to travel home in the clothes you had on your trip, freshly washed and ironed, no need for luggage! The vacation extends to your return home!

Luxury Bungalows

Our stylish bungalows are tastefully decorated, full bathroom, private jacuzzi on the porch with wiew over the sea. An idyllic setting for heavenly vacations, ideal for honeymooners!

Healthy activities

We believe in restful and playful activities and sports which stimulate intellectual curiosity and self-development. Any activity which does not create nuisances or pollution can be envisioned. Some examples:

If our project is successful it will be possible to add other services and features such as massages, thalassotherapy, mud baths, etc.

Disabled persons

All our buildings and most of our installations are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Medical support

All our staff is trained in first aid, and we will have a doctor on-site. In case of emergency it will be possible to land a helicopter for medical evacuations to the nearest hospital.


We will offer different styles of restaurants organized around a central kitchen. A snack, a tropical buffer, and our elegant inn for those who enjoy fine food!

We will serve an international, varied cuisine, with exclusively prime quality ingredients. We will take into consideration your dietary requirements (i.e. for religious reasons, but also in case of diet or allergies) to offer an appropriate selection of dishes for your convenience

A fruit bar will refresh you with freshly sqeezed exotic fruit juice cocktails and will serve the most unforgettable ice cream!

Fair jobs

Each person working on this site has a key position. Just as the captain of the ship transferring you to our island, each member of our staff must fully accomplish his or her mission so that our guests' stay should be a total success. This is why we plan to offer the same salary to all. Each year the profit will be split between reinvestment and the staff according to the decision of the entire staff.

If possible, it could be considered to offer part-time jobs to guests who would like to finance part of their stay this way.

Spreading the concept

The team operating the site will by necessity be able to install and maintain all our technical installations. Once the concept is proven functional in one location, the same technologies can be applied elsewhere, and we will provide the support and funding to do just so. Part of the profit from the tourism business will be set aside to purchase, install and maintain renewable energy installations in neighboring communities, that otherwise could not afford it. We also plan to recycle out of date computing equipment to equip schools and thus provide basic computer skills and access to the Internet, training teachers and parents along the way.

In this manner we hope to achieve significant pollution reduction, building on a proven concept, and spreading the expertise and means to a wider community.