A little-known humanist lifestyle

Naturism has evolved as a hygiene of life around the end of the 18th century. In the industrial era of human exploitation, a need arose of freedom, open space, and renewed contact with nature.

Nudity, so what?

The most known aspect of naturism is nudity. Yet, seeing nothing more than nudity in naturism is extremely shortsighted as misses its main qualities.

Although nudity may be the main psychological obstacle for newcomers to discover naturism, it remains quite essential. The first experiences are often disconcerting and some measure of courage and tenacity are necessary to overcome the many taboos which we were taught. The unfortunate and recurrent confusion between nudity and sexuality is absolutely wrong.

One is not naked in front of our peers, one is naked with our peers. In this shared nudity, one discovers a quality of social relationship unkown to the textile world: we are all same, we are all equal, we are all vulnerable, and we are all interdependent In removing our clothes, we drop off our shoulders a part of the burdens life imposes on us, we can return to the essentials and find ourselves.

Contrary to commercially exploited nudity, naturist nudity is healthy, free of all coercion, free of all expectations, free of all assumptions. It is all about being ourselves, without falseness, without pretense, naturally. In sharing our nudity we share our trust and mutual respect, with no power plays or judgment.

Thanks to our nudity we can feel the elements intimately and respect of the environement takes a new dimension. One feels part of nature and we realize how fragile the balance between man and his environment is necessary and delicate.

No ugly tan lines, no wet bathing suit full of sand sticking to the skin, no need to struggle under a towel to change "discreetly" it is so much simpler and more pleasant!

A rediscovered integrity

In the naturist nudity, the human body becomes one again a single entity, there is no difference between noble and hidden therefore shameful parts. This lets us regain self-esteem and confidence, self-acceptance and feel better with oneself. People of all ages, all social layers, all physical shapes have adopted Naturism without ethnic, language or religious discrimination. Each is accepted as he is with his qualities and imperfections.

An antidote to exploitation

There is nothing better than a taboo or an interdiction to encourage curiosity! Just witness the inordinate importance given to the so-called sexual organs in the media, advertising, movies, etc.

In normalizing nudity, the body is put back in proportion and perceived in its globality where each organ has the same importance. Naturist children know how their bodies will evolve, puberty does not create the same anxieties in the face of often misunderstood evolution. Teenagers who discover loving relationships base their judgment more on the character and personality than on the physical and necessarily short-lived aspects of their partner.

Nudity and hygiene

A wet bathing suit offers little in the way of hygiene. The body needs to breathe, and perspiration is evacuated naturally throught the pores of our skin. Naturist respect requires that we always sit on our own towel, therefore protecting ourselves and each other, quite naturally.

Nudity and sexuality

Naturists enjoy sexual relationships as any. Just as in the textile world, sexuality expresses itself in private and has no place in public. Please note we express no judgment on homosexual couples, all are welcome.

Many men fear uncontrollable visible reactions. Whilst extremely rare, if this should happen laying face down for a while usually handles it very well.

Some may wish to enjoy intimate moments outdoors, in order to avoid embarassing themselves and others we suggest they reserve a private cove for the day or half-day where we can guarantee absolute tranquility and discretion.

A convergence

The values extolled by naturism perfectly match the spirit out our project, and we wish this endeavour to become a reference in the realm of naturist tourism. We do not exclude however to create in a further development other destinations open to those who do not embrace or cannot practice our lifestyle.

Anyone is free to come, membership in a naturist federation is not required. We ask of our guests that they respect our lifestyle in all locations and at all times, weather permitting. We wish to fulfill a lack of naturist destinations, clothing-optional destinations do not correspond to our view of naturism, creating an imbalance and discomfort both for naturists in a textile crowd or a textile confronted to naturists. Some tolerance is possible in very limited cases but must remain an exception.

The FAQ will contain the answers to the most often questions about naturism.