Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Naturisland?

Naturisland is at the present time only a project, not yet a destination. Several locations are possible, and all criteria will be evaluated to pick the first site. We will consider the geographical distance from our potential customers, ease of access, but also political stability, and of course the opinion of the inhabitants towards the project.

Why publish the project now ? Aren't you concerned someone may steal the idea ?

Absolutely not! We'd be delighted to see sites, villages and holiday destinations proliferate with more respect for Man and the environment. One must stop thinking only in egocentric terms, and focus more on the common interest.

Why create a naturist destination? Doesn't this exclude many potential clients ?

Our objective is among other to fulfill a need. This need is today most clearly expressed by the naturist world, especially sensitive to the environmental considerations. We want to avoid creating another mass tourism destination, and the naturist mouvement along with people sympathetic to it is significant enough to ensure this project is economically feasible. Many dare not try this lifestyle because it implies overcoming one's prejudices. It is so much easier to dismiss the idea as foolish, forbidden, rather than think seriously about the real issues. We wish to present a healthy practical example of what can be done today as responsible human beings conscious of our role.

Just as we have to change our habits to learn to manage our energy consumption and our waste, we must overcome our prejudices to discover naturism. This self-analysis lets us envision a healthier approach to life in general, and consider our daily actions in a more critical light, evaluating the real need versus their impacts.

In short this is a lifestyle which has convinced us and that we wish to share.